Drumming Intensive
WARNING: The Intensive is Limited to 10 slots for 2018. 7 out 10 Spots are currently taken.
"I'm looking for a few drummers who are
serious about becoming professionals..."
If that's you... keep reading...
 I want you to come to Nashville, 
and spend a day in the studio with me 
or two months working with me...Or Both!
Update for 2018: Due to popular demand and in order to make it more affordable, 
I've split up "Day 1" and "Day 2" described in the above video
Now: "Day 1" is actually a 2-month Online One-on-one Experience. "Day 2" is still the same as what's described in the video... After applying, if you are accepted, you'll be able to choose if you're interested in Option 1, Option 2, or both!
There are only 10 slots available for ALL of 2018... This is because these intensives are one-on-one and I give you 100% of my attention and energy 
(along with TONS of real-world experience and advice)... 
I simply can't do more than 10 of these per year!

Join me for a Career-Making Experience

EXTREMELY Limited Openings - Apply Here Now
The application is the same for either option. If accepted, you'll be able to pick which option you'd like- or pick both!
Are you serious about becoming a professional studio or touring drummer?
Choose from a couple of options, depending on your interests... 
Either way, you'll leave FULLY prepared for a career as a professional drummer.
Here's how it works:
Option 1
One-on-one online training via a 2-Month Intensive
Prepare for a career as a drummer with a focus on your unique abilities as a drummer. We’ll work on your specific needs around technique, playing with a click, drumming with dynamics, playing more consistently in the studio, drum tuning, cover how to interact in the studio, what to expect in a drum session and ANYTHING else YOU need.

We'll collaborate online via video for 4 scheduled sessions:

Session 1: 1 hour for me to understand where you're at, and what you need.
Session 2: 2 hour playing-focused intensive.
Session 3: 2 hour feel/playing-focused intensive.
Session 4: 1 hour recap and discussion of next steps.

I'll also be in constant 1-on-1 voice contact with you via Voxer for the entire 2-month experience- to hold you accountable and encourage you on your progress.

The goal will be to get comfortable in the studio and improve the specific aspects of your drumming necessary to be a life-long pro drummer!
You’ll leave the intensive with a written out plan for areas of improvement and you’ll be prepared for 
gigs, recording sessions, filling in for drummers, and just getting paid to play drums.
Option 2
Tracking Session at The Creak*
This is a REAL tracking session in a REAL studio - The Creak in Franklin, TN (a studio where I've done a LOT of sessions). We’ll have a mix engineer and a producer running the session just like a regular professional tracking session. I’ll be there to help coach a facilitate your drumming through the session. Think of is as full-immersion in a real life drum tracking session without being the pressure of doing it alone!

We’ll have plenty of time during the session for you to ask questions, mess up as much as you need to without pressure, and take time to fully understand how a normal studio session works.

You’ll leave this day not only with real-world legitimate studio experience, but also with a fully-mixed and produced song featuring YOU on the drums, which you can use to leverage into MORE studio and live gig work in your town!
*We'll make every effort to book The Creak, but location is subject to availability.
Now you don’t have to worry about the question “How can I get anyone to hire me for my first session if I don’t have any previous work to show them?” 

You'll have a fully mixed and mastered track featuring YOU on the drums! 
But first things first... You need to APPLY before we can get started.
The application is my way of making sure only serious drummers get the chance to participate. It's only a few questions to make sure you're a good fit for the intensive program.
The application is the same for either option. If accepted, you'll be able to pick which option you'd like- or pick both!
Apply now: We WILL Sell Out This Year!
We sell out every year. In 2017 - we sold out in 6 days!